Wood work

Tradition and progress

Mobilpref started up with the production of semi-finished wood products. The aim from the very beginning has always been to enhance the material by declining it in new and innovative clothes, with particular attention to functionality and design.

Today the company runs the production of a vast number of melamine, veneer, and matt or gloss lacquered finishes, including scratch-resistant treatment, as well as upholstered panels in leather, fabric and sound-absorbing material.

Starting from panels made of wood particles in class E1, we proceed with the entire production process according to the type of final product required.

The production lines are also characterized by technologically advanced systems that record excellent performance in terms of timing and quality.

The processes available to Mobilpref customers are::

  • cutting, during which large panels are brought to the desired size;
  • the squaring, the next step that finishes the sectioned piece;
  • the edging, in which each panel is completed by intervening on its thickness through the use of different height and essence edges from time to time;
  • drilling , useful for all those elements that will be assembled in order to obtain precise and clean finished products.

On components such as drawers, a second cutting and edging passage takes place on machinery suitable for products of small dimensions.

The final steps, which follow all the previous phases, will be:

  • lacquering , which allows to have an infinite number of nuances;
  • painting , on veneered products to enhance their essence and protect them from wear.


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