Production of aluminum extrusion

Precision and quality

The use of aluminum in the furniture sector is growing a lot because of its lightness, ductility and the wide choice of finishes and colors. Precisely for these reasons, in 2004 the Aluminum Division was established, which immediately proved to be the natural completion of the Mobilpref production cycle.

Frames for glass doors, recessed handles, structures for desks, legs, joints, supports are the products that are integrated into the assembly of the numerous furnishing components both for the office and for the home.

All aluminum profiles have a matrix designed by Mobilpref, derived from careful planning and in-depth calculations of strength and seal.

The aluminum processing cycle is subdivided mainly into two categories::

  • processing in bar, in which we start precisely from bars already in different finishes depending on the type of product required, on which the cut is simply made;
  • part machining, in which the most complex components are obtained starting from a raw bar, cutting, milling and drilling;

For the section processing the steps are the followings:

  • sanding, which eliminates any inaccuracies from the component;
  • brushing a first surface finishing process;
  • polishing, in order to obtain a perfect product ready for the following phases.

At this point, depending on the finish required, we proceed with 3 different processes:

  • oxidation, which allows to obtain a bright and protected component;
  • painting, a passage useful to protect the element from wear;
  • chroming, which gives a mirror shine finish.
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