An in-house team of expert designers follows step-by-step all requests in order to satisfy any sort of need. Mobilpref also collaborates with external consultants that guarantee particular attention to the functionality and design of each product. As for the office furniture sector, in 2015 the company implemented the Pcon Planner platform, thanks to which the design process has significantly accelerated, allowing rapid and precise estimates. This is possible thanks to an entire library of About Office products loaded into the software, where all colors, materials and finishes available can be configured by the user.

Assembly and packaging

Mobilpref is equipped with assembly lines, organized in a thoughtful manner, useful for the assembly of the most complex products such as drawer units, cabinets / filing cabinets, service cabinets, wall units, structural furniture with drawers. The company also boasts a daily production of 1000 packages, made with the help of machines for measuring, cutting and closing boxes, as well as labeling, all in a totally automatic way.


Over 3,000 m2 of warehouse space and over 1,000 linear meters of shelving are used to store semi-finished and ready to ship products. This allows Mobilpref to respond quickly and efficiently to any order request.

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